DARK SKIES – i overmorgen

(The Day After Tomorrow)


In a dystopian world where humanity's darkest impulses have led to societal collapse, one woman navigates the desolate remnants of civilization, haunted by the consequences of collective greed, corruption, and the unquenchable thirst for power.


Elin once believed in the inherent goodness of people, but her faith was shattered as humanity's worst traits—greed, corruption, and an insatiable desire for power—plunged the world into chaos. As society crumbled under the weight of its vices, these dark impulses grew louder, overshadowing any remnants of kindness. Now, in a world where morality is a distant memory, Elin wanders through the ruins, reflecting on the downfall orchestrated by our collective failures. Haunted by the consequences of human nature's unchecked darkness, she searches for a glimmer of hope amid the desolation.

Main Cast

Kirstin Jaap - Elin

The Production Crew

Cinematography - Shahrokh Nael
Director / Producer - Shahrokh Nael

Production Details

Production Company: Orange Attic
Release Date: September 21st
Running Time: 01.56 Min
Country: United Kingdom
Language: Norwegian