DARK SKIES – The Ninth Man


In South Manchester, as internal affairs scrutinises the police force's actions in a serial murder investigation, the mystery of Freija's disappearance, a Norwegian exchange officer, deepens. Meanwhile, an enigmatic suspect named Jack Dexter emerges, unraveling shocking revelations.


"Ninth Man" is a gripping thriller set in South Manchester, where the police force's actions come under intense scrutiny during a serial murder investigation. As the case unfolds, the disappearance of Freija, a participant in a year-long exchange program between the Norwegian and UK police, adds an extra layer of mystery, raising questions about the integrity of the investigation. 

In a parallel narrative, the enigmatic suspect, Jack Dexter, emerges, drawing viewers into a web of shocking revelations. With tension escalating on multiple fronts, the film explores themes of trust, deception, and the blurry line between justice and corruption. As secrets unravel and suspicions mount, the true nature of the ninth man's role in the unfolding drama becomes increasingly elusive, leaving viewers on the edge of their seats until the final, explosive conclusion.

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