Proof of a concept for a TV three parts Series

Realisation of an idea

This film is a realization of a certain method / idea in order to demonstrate its feasibility for further development. This film is produced as part of character development for "The Ninth Man" production. 
Not to be downloaded, copied or transferred to any formate or platform. All rights reserved.

The Story

Set against the gritty backdrop of Manchester's south central, 'The Ninth Man' is an intense three-part crime drama series that delves deep into a world of mystery and conspiracies. A sadistic serial killer is on the loose, preying on women and leaving their lifeless bodies in the serene River Mersey.
A team of detectives, each dealing with their personal demons, are thrust onto the case, desperately seeking answers and justice. But as they delve deeper, they stumble into a tangled web of international conspiracy and politics far beyond their jurisdiction. They soon realize that they're not just hunting a killer, but are also caught in a game they're ill-prepared for.


Episode Titles:
Episode One: 'THE KILLINGS'
Episode Two: 'FREIJA'
Episode Three: 'The Truth'


Press Release:
Press release


BBC Radio Manchester with Stacey Copeland 08092023

The Cast and The Crew

Director and Producer
Shahrokh Nael

Script (Pilot Episode)
Shahrokh Nael  
Andy Shakos 

Script Editor
Additional Scenes Writer
Sofia Antonia Milone

Executive Producers
Andy Shakos
Paula Hodgson

Main Cast 
Andy Shakos - Nick Demetriou
Andrea Zapp - International Agent
Barry Monk - Sinister Figure
Bob Dent - Waiter
Callum Stevens - Jordan Walker Wilson
Heather Nelson - Sophie Miller
Helen Hardie - Joan Osborn
Hoda Bavarsad - Neda Baxter
Janet Griffin - Helen Dawson
Josh Gould - Josh Hodgson
Kate Hargrave - Sarah Dexter
Kristin Jaap - Freija Johansen
Leah Marks - Hannah (Journalist)
Mark Greensmith - Jack Dexter
Nancy Harrington - Suzanne Gray
Shannon Reynolds - Police Support
Sofia Antonia Milone - Harper Blake
Sophie Moulton-Jones - Claire Osborn

Supporting Cast
Ellis Brierley 
Farinaz Brierley 
Jasmine Sterling
Masood Taghhinejadi
Parry Taghhinejadi

The Production Crew
Chris Forshaw - Cinematography
Hoda Bavarsad - Coordinator
Jack Eaton - Camera Assistant
Josh Gould - 1st AD
Rob McGovern - Sound

Voice Overs
Jorun Skjaervik - Freija’s Mother
Josh Gould - Chief Superintendent
Leah Marks - Newscaster
Reidar Klungervik - Freija’s Father
Rob McGovern - Sue Gray's Superior
Saskia Shakos - Holly Demetriou

Post Production
Shahrokh Nael

Thanks to: (Individuals)
Ali Mokhtasi
Andrew Chan
Hoda Bavarsad
Ian Black Spot
Masood Taghhinejadi 
Mehran Khodadai
Parry Taghhinejadi
Saeid Mokhtassi

Thanks to: (Businesses)
Black Spot Pizza 
Forshaw Productions
Natalie Woods School & AB Dance Studios
Sterling Partners Chartered Accountants
That Pizza Place


Behind the Scenes

Production Visual Diary

Film Stills

Some Still images extracted from the film.

Private Screening

An exclusive screening at Savoy Cinema

This exclusive viewing took place at The Savoy Cinema, Heaton Moor Road, SK4 4HY, on Saturday 23rd September 2023.
Event schedule:
10:30 AM - Doors open / Guest arrival
11:00 - 11:50 AM - Film screening
11:50 - 12.20 AM - Q&A with cast and crew
12:20PM - Close

Talking Heads

A collection of self recorded footage by some of the cast and the crew.