DARK SKIES – Obscura

The Story

In the gritty streets of Manchester's south central area, Cyrus, a man presumed dead for four decades, resurfaces, pursued by shadows from his past. With the help of Erin, his best friend's daughter, he races against time to confront his buried secrets before they consume him.

Short Synopsis:

"Obscura" delves into Manchester's gritty underbelly as Cyrus, harboring a decades-old secret, resurfaces. Pursued by dangerous foes, he finds refuge with Erin, his late friend's daughter. Together, they navigate the city's dangers, with Cyrus torn between revealing his past or keeping it buried. In a climactic confrontation, truths emerge, blurring lines between salvation and retribution. 

This suspenseful tale explores the power of confronting one's past against all odds, captivating audiences with its rich atmosphere and compelling characters.

Motion Concept

Shaping Dynamic Cinematic Ambiance