Experimental (Scenes & Character Development)
Following the demise of the her imagination’s birth child, Katana Takechi, his creator finds herself thrust into a world of over-lapping time lines – where echoes of past and future threaten not only her conception of reality, but perhaps her life itself. 

Shot in High Definition over the space of 48 hours, Shahrokh has spent the last 8 months editing Delerium, experimenting with a variety of techniques to hone its visual and auditory design. A pallid, grim depiction of contemporary Manchester – graphically highlighting its rugged industrial roots the film was distorted to emulate the cinematic productions Shahrokh was introduced to growing up in Iran. 
Based upon a linear narrative with a conventionally devised script, Shahrokh engineered this feverish psychological thriller by employing a creative method of editing utilised after the Iranian revolution of 1980. Since the new administration imposed a ban on all foreign films, the innovative film-maker would splice together collected excerpts of celluloid to birth wholly new sequences and narratives. Seizing upon the potential of this method and exploiting it to its fullest, Delerium is a disturbing, engrossing and stylish work that eruditely challenges the conventions of storytelling.